Onboard the Rocky Mountaineer

I was lucky enough to be invited on the amazing Rocky Mountaineer train a few months back. Since I help run and manage the guest satisfaction feedback on the train, the Rocky Mountaineer… Continue reading

Aloha – Ono Mea`ai

Hawaii was beautiful. I miss it everyday. Last month, I made a short and sweet trip to Oahu for Easter weekend. The highlights? The food of course. The scenery was pretty spectacular too. Before… Continue reading

Foolproof Recipes

I love foolproof recipes. Admit it. Following instructions is not always straightforward. When you get into that kitchen-mode, that zone where you’re jamming to your favourite music while gathering all your ingredients while envisioning how… Continue reading

Vday Highlights

I’m usually not one to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We generally keep it pretty low-key and simple: eating at one of our favourite local grubs, taking mini desserts to the park under the moonlight, etc.… Continue reading

Airline Food from Around the World

Did you travel over the holidays? Chances are, you had to fly. I went back to Taiwan to see my parents in December and the airline we always use to fly over the… Continue reading

10 Food Trends of 2014

Two weeks ago, I documented my food obsessions of 2014. I started thinking, what about the rest of the world? Funnily, I stumbled across this article at work (luckily, this IS work.) – “What are people… Continue reading

My Top 5 Food Obsessions in 2014

Does anyone else think the year 2014 kind of flew by? As I look back over the past year, I thought about my personal food-related preoccupations. What kept me hungry for more? So I… Continue reading

Fall, Farms, and Newfound Respect

Fall, you’re alright. The end of summer is usually a pretty depressing time of the year… BUT, this year has been exceptional. It has barely rained in Raincouver (Vancouver), meaning falling leaves are… Continue reading

“How Junk Food Can End Obesity”

This article has A LOT of ‘food for thought’ but I guarantee you it’s a well-articulated, enjoyable read. Might take a few sittings. I often read while I eat – nourishing the mind… Continue reading

Tips to make your trip foodproof

If you’re a self-professed, food-obsessed glutton like me, the food you consume on a trip really defines how well your trip went. No matter how amazing your adventures or the people you met… Continue reading