MacDonald’s Apocalyptic Food

Lots of people have beef with MacDonald’s – contribution to obesity, deceiving marketing, disgustingly-entertaining documentaries (Supersize Me), or being so darn delicious. If you have been active on the internet in the past 3 years, you would have seen traces of an article describing the SHOCKING illustration of a Happy Meal that looks exactly the same after a year. It’s no doubt the quality of <$5 fast food is below sub-par but are MacD patties really the savoury substitutes of apocalyptic Twinkies?

happy meal before   happy meal after

[Right picture – Happy Meal 1 year after.]


Before feeling too guilty of injecting those “super preservatives” into our bodies, I came across this article. I really appreciate  those who have taken the time to investigate/sacrifice the harmony of their household in order to look at the phenomenon closer. This brave man carefully observed and recorded 9 samples – a mixture of MacD patties and homemade patties under various controlled conditions. You can find his burger investigative journey HERE.


[Chart illustrates weight/moisture loss of burgers – about the same rate. Quarter pounder = homemade patty]


The conclusion in his own words:

Pretty strong evidence in favor of Theory 3: the burger doesn’t rot because it’s small size and relatively large surface area help it to lose moisture very fast. Without moisture, there’s no mold or bacterial growth. Of course, that the meat is pretty much sterile to begin with due to the high cooking temperature helps things along as well. It’s not really surprising. Humans have known about this phenomenon for thousands of years. After all, how do you think beef jerky is made?


On the other hand, have you noticed a McNugget actually doesn’t taste like a chicken nugget? It taste like its own thing. Pink goop can be so delicious. It’s a wonder in itself.