Turning Around Baking Mishaps: runny fillings

Baking mishaps? Always. Time for panic? Sometimes.

Ever had a time when a cake filling or icing turned out to be too runny? This happened to me when I was making the chocolate ganache filling for a red velvet cake for the first time. I followed the recipe exactly yet the consistency of the ganache was way off. It was too runny and could not possibly stay put between the two layers of red velvet cake slabs.

chocolate ganache

So my friend and I decided to dump the runny ganache in a sauce pan and turned on the heat on low. If reduction works in cooking, it should and will work in this. We kept on stirring the ganache while it simmered and evaporated away some of its extra moisture. In the end, we were able to get it to thicken and become more viscous. Chocolate ganache saved! Mini (but sweet) win.


When was a time you turned your baking mishaps around?

red velvet cake without icing      red velvet cake