3 Easy Steps to Remove Garlic Skin

Garlic fingers smell nasty. The best way to avoid that situation is to remove their skin with as little fuss as possible.

Here’s 3 really quick and easy steps I’ve put together:

  1. Pound it (gently).
  2. Slice it.
  3. Pinch and pull it.

Start off with unpeeled garlic cloves

garlic cloves


STEP 1. Position the garlic clove to its side. Place the blade of your knife above it and hit down on it. A fist POUND guarantees it.

step 1 removing garlic skin

It should look something like this after: hit garlic cloves



STEP 2. SLICE the rough, bottom part of the clove off.

step 2 removing garlic skin

Now the bottom parts are off:hit garlic cloves with ends off




STEP 3. PINCH the skin tip of the clove and PULL.step 3 removing garlic skin

Voila! Never sticky-garlic fingers again.
peeled garlic cloves