My Local Café: Bonchaz

I think everyone should have a little local café that he/she adores. For me, it’s Bonchaz. A coffee shop that originated from being one of the most popular vendors in the Vancouver Farmers Market before setting up a storefront in a modest Downtown Vancouver location. Oh, and they also have delicious fresh food at good value. :) It’s the quirkiness, humane touches and genuine customer service that just don’t seem to authentically stem from the big guys like Starbucks or Timmy Ho’s. To sum up, local cafés tend to work a bit harder for your business.

bonchaz coffee soup sandwichBuns look different than advertised? Thus, I had to question. But question aside, that was an amazing avocado and brie sandwich!

Recently, Bonchaz went an extra step in answering my question. Their promise to follow up and their delivery of that promise with a thoughtful answer earned them brownie points in my books. Furthermore, that conversation somehow appeared on many of my friends’ Facebook home feed… resulting in my friends either asking about Bonchaz or commenting on my food QA OCD-ness. I regard them as compliments/benefits to both Bonchaz and I.

Which local cafés do you adore and why?

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Bonchaz 1Bonchaz 2