Snackbox from

Ee! My very first Snackbox! Monthly subscription boxes are nothing new but finally a box that’s from my city, Vancouver, B.C., and that’s totally up my alley. I dabbled with Luxebox from Loose Buttons and got tired of increasing subscription rates and uninspiring products. My amazing bf(f) subscribed me three months of healthy snacks from so I’m hoping we can try some interesting products that we’d normally not touch…

Everything in this box is gluten-free and includes only natural ingredients. Monthly plans range from $24-33 a month but I think it’s worth the value. Most of these products are not cheap and are mainly found in specialty organic retailers. KIND bars are found in packs of 12, retailing at $20+, making them around $1.70 each. I also found this promo code (valid until end of June, 2013) that takes 50% off your first Snackbox – VANCITYBUZZ box1 box2 box3

Um.. so much stuff?! box4

The box was packed! No filler mesh like Luxebox.


I wanted to lay them out. Felt like Halloween all over again! Don’t know about you but my favourite part of trick-or-treating is laying out all the loot of my night and organizing them into box5 box7

Starting with snacks that go well with other food… box8

Candies made of organic ingredients… The lollipops were quite delicious. I’m happy there are 15! box9Dried fruits. Yum yum. box6

And group of miscellaneous… organic pop, organic Nutella, cardboard-looking cracker, and some strange coconut/chocolate ball… box10

I can’t say all these snacks are “healthy” but let’s say they’re “healthier” alternatives. If you deem chips and chocolates your normal snacks, yes, these are healthier! You’re also putting better quality ingredients in your body. Even so, quite a few of these are still high in sugar and fat so I’d still treat them as snacks and not over-indulge. Part of me can’t wait to start working in September so I can put these yummies into my must-have snack drawer… secret of my drive and popularity at work…

I’m tempted to do a simple evaluation of each product but I’m deciding not to. Taste is such a subjective thing; snacks and candies even more so. I will say though, so far, the products are all pretty good tasting. They taste like real food, flavours you can actually recall (unlike processed food that just taste like it’s “own” thing, if you know what I mean). It’s also a good reminder that so much of our usual packaged goods contain preservatives, flavour-enhancing chemicals and what not. For example, the Chocolate Hazelnut Butter I got in this box is literally what it says – ground up hazelnuts and dark chocolate. And because of that, I had to stir the content inside as the natural oil of the hazelnuts separated from the coco mass due to the lack of emulsifying agents that normally keep something like Nutella or other spreads intact. I guess a bit of arm muscle exercise before I spread that bread is not necessary a bad thing in the morning.