What to TACO ‘Bout?

Been a bit MIA. Came back from the land of tacos, enchiladas and ever-flowing tequila not too long ago. It was my first ever all-inclusive resort experience, and let me say my usual west coast diet doesn’t really allow my body to get my money’s worth. Normally when I travel, I’m so use to debating in my head where and when to find my next meal for the best value (money and tummy). Actually, I love doing that. It’s one of my favourite things to do… So, to take that completely away, and have the waiter say “If you don’t like it, you can just keep ordering other entrĂ©es,” was a bit hard for my head to wrap around and even harder for my stomach to all digest.

I know I paid for an all-inclusive, adults-only resort, but the amount of excessiveness I saw was a bit sickening sometimes. What a difference it was between those who can pay to waste food versus those who can’t afford food. But then again, it’s probably me. They probably saw a skinny (it’s all relative), quinoa-munching, judgemental snob from the west coast who can’t hold much liquor. They are probably right to some degree (except the last point).

shangri-la dinner mexico from above feet and beach beach view cocobongo

Overall, I did enjoy Cancun. I miss those ripe pineapples, papayas and melons every morning! The beaches were beautiful, the food was not bad, and the locals were warm and friendly. Horseback-riding was fun. Sea turtle stalking in the moonlight was worthwhile. And Cocobongo was awesome… tequila and table-dancing to some great music. What’s not to like?


24 hours room service! I think I could get use to that.