Tips to make your trip foodproof

Foodproof Trip

If you’re a self-professed, food-obsessed glutton like me, the food you consume on a trip really defines how well your trip went. No matter how amazing your adventures or the people you met were, if food was crappy, your trip fell short of a 10/10. That’s why I make every effort to make sure wherever I go, each meal I consume is an unforgettable one that only ADDS to the trip rather than take away. If you’re spending money and time to experience a faraway place, might as well make sure you are experiencing the culinary best in the area you’re going.

Here are some tips to make your trip FOODproof!



Researching ahead of time is the easiest. Review sites like TripAdvisors also have restaurant sections that rank the best reviewed dining spots within a parameter. You’ll also get a feel for what’s offered in the area, what to expect (2-hours long wait) and what not to expect (fresh fruits in the urban jungle). Also don’t forget to ask your local friends in the area. They would know better and know your taste.

If you’re going to the US or Canada… Make sure you don’t miss these! Remember the last time you watched these shows and you said to yourself “OMG I HAVE TO GO WHEN I GO”? Well, I feel the same way so here are a few lists:

Best Apple Pie

I would go all the way back to Brooklyn again for you, m’dear.



Once you picked some places you want to hit, plot them down on Google Map. Click on “My places” (next to “Get directions”). This is a function where you can create a map with little blue flags of where those places are. You can also plot down other non-food related attractions you plan to visit on the same map.

Once you see all those blue flags, you may notice some groupings. You can now plan your days more efficiently. Do a whole day within that grouping and be assured that carefully selected and delectable meals are nearby when you get hungry.

Google Map Example

My recent NYC map – day in Midtown, day in Upper West Side, day in Soho, day in Brooklyn, etc.



Yelp Filter Function


If you have data or Wifi, that’s great. Make sure you have apps like Yelp downloaded as they are great for last minute, spontaneous finds. The “Filter” function from Yelp is extremely useful. It allows you to see options within a price range, distance proximity and what’s still opened (SUPER USEFUL for those nights out). Highest rating also allows you to see where the best reviewed places are around so you can confidently walk in instead of hoping for the best.

Another tip: For trips to the US (and if your phone is unlocked), you can buy unlimited talk, text and data for $2 or $3 per day at T-Mobile. No contract, pay-by-the-day plans are extremely useful if you need to leave a number or be reached (thinking of restaurants of course).