“How Junk Food Can End Obesity”

This article has A LOT of ‘food for thought’ but I guarantee you it’s a well-articulated, enjoyable read. Might take a few sittings. I often read while I eat – nourishing the mind and body at the same time. :)

READ – How Junk Food Can End Obesity.

 An actual kale cake.

My quick summary:

Essentially this article brings up the troubling fact that the obesity epidemic will never be solved solely by the efforts of health food activists. The health food market has no interest in getting everybody eating healthier. That market enjoys an exclusive crowd that can afford to pay premium for chicken that DID live longer than 3 weeks. The “Let them eat kale” mentality simply does not work.

The article points to the other side of that coin – the market that sells junk. It is the market that sells junk food which can turn around this epidemic and get those who are addicted to junk and/or unable to afford quality food eating better. But even when it’s simply easier for policy makers to point fingers at the culprit, it’s often times actually harder to change the people than to change the companies. Companies are driven by profits. Consumers are more fickle. The article discusses this more in detail.

With its reach, distribution, clever marketing and savvy food-engineers, the junk food market is better positioned to curb this epidemic by making its current junk food healthier without the consumers knowing.