Airline Food from Around the World

Did you travel over the holidays? Chances are, you had to fly. I went back to Taiwan to see my parents in December and the airline we always use to fly over the Pacific is China Airlines. The food is not terrible, but it isn’t great. Everything tastes kind of ‘blah’ when you’re 30,000 feet above the ground and the food looks like it’s been sitting there for way too long.

Here’s a quick fact:

Up to 80 percent of what we consider taste is actually our sense of smell, but in an airplane, dry cabin air evaporates nasal mucus that helps our odor receptors function.

That must means in flight, we judge the food mainly with our eyes. I stumbled across this a few days ago – a small gallery of airline food from around the world. Some of these look amazing. And some… a bit questionable. What has been your experience?

Singapore Airline economy class

This is my favourite. Singapore Airline’s noodles look gourmet.


Taiwan EVA Hello Kitty

Taiwan’s EVA Airways Hello Kitty meal! Not a fan of HK but this sure makes it more appetizing.


disgusting American Airlines food

I did fly American Airline once… this sad tray is a reminisce of that.


Air France wine and wine

Sign me up for Air France! Wine and more wine. And delicious carbs.


Air France more wine

Ohmygoodness Air France again. Long live the French. Look at the size of that tart! Priorities.

See the entire list HERE.