Vday Highlights

I’m usually not one to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We generally keep it pretty low-key and simple: eating at one of our favourite local grubs, taking mini desserts to the park under the moonlight, etc. This year, I kind of experienced the whole shebang. I’m so very grateful for all those who have imparted kind thoughts. It definitely makes dreary February a whole lot nicer!

strawberry-dipped-chocolate strawberry-dipped-chocolate-box

Celebratory days like Valentine’s is just another excuse to make some yummy themed desserts! Chocolate-dipped strawberries are super simple to make and bring a smile to every face. Guaranteed. :)



Workmates showing love through candy grams. Most people hate cinnamon hearts but I think they’re delectable.



From the boy who said he “needed to come in to use the washroom”.



Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar was decked out in pink, red and white balloons!



They had this amazing mint lime sorbet encased by a spiral ribbon of candy art.