Aloha – Ono Mea`ai

Hawaii was beautiful. I miss it everyday.

Last month, I made a short and sweet trip to Oahu for Easter weekend. The highlights? The food of course. The scenery was pretty spectacular too. Before our trip, my friends and I did some food planning. As always, it always pays to research ahead of time. We also left some spontaneity when we were there (but obviously not without confirming with the review gods).

If you’re too lazy to do your own research, let me help by providing some suggestions. Here are some of the delicious places we’d hit up.

[Cool Treats]

Matsumoto Shave Ice

I actually found the shave ice to be a bit too sweet for my liking but how can a colourful bowl of shave ice not bring a smile to anyone’s face?!

matsumoto shaved ice matsumoto shaved ice bowls

Dole Plantation

We honestly only came here for Dole Whip. It’s their signature tangy soft serve ice cream. It’s also a hit among the wild chickens.

dole plantation dole whip chicken


Rainbow Drive-in

I think this is every guy’s paradise. It was also featured on Triple D. The only “salad” offered on the menu is the macaroni salad. Everything here is meat, carbs, and brown sauce. It’s perfect after a long hike.

rainbow drive

Ono Seafood

This hole in the wall offers the best poke on the island. For around $8, you could get two types of poke over warm brown rice and a drink! I wanted to transport this place back home.

ono seafood ono seafood platter

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

Jumbo, garlicy and buttery fresh shrimp. What more can you ask for? Worth the trip to the north shore.

giovannis shrimp


Marukame Udon

Most people who go to Oahu have dined here. So just go, so you can say that you have. The noodles were good but I don’t think I’ll be lining up for it again.

marukame udon

Kyung’s Seafood

One of those spontaneous finds in Waikiki. This place has all the signs that it’s a hidden spot where the locals like to hang out. It’s a Korean restaurant that prepares fresh seafood of the day. I highly recommend getting the sashimi platter. As Vancouverites, we learn not to expect sashimi elsewhere to be overly amazing. Well, this was pretty amazing. The tuna was incredibly fresh and had the perfect texture.

kyungs seafood sashimi kyungs seafood pancake

[Late Nights]

Leonard’s Bakery

Malasadas – Hawaiin doughnuts. The bakery has been around since 1952. Any business that has survived since then on one thing… you know that one thing must be GOOD.

leonards malasadas


Out of the few days we had in Hawaii, this is the only place we returned for the second night (and seriously contemplated about a third night). Their mochi ice cream balls were easily and unanimously our favourite thing this entire trip.

bubbis mochis

Moana Surfrider – Veranda

This Westin Hotel is on the main shopping strip and has a beautiful veranda that stretches from the lobby to the oceanfront. The architecture of the patio, pool, trees, bar, and courtyard makes it a beautiful experience. It’s a perfect place to unwind with some drinks while listening to the ocean waves.

moana surfrider lanai


*Beware – of the coconut stand beside Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck!

Did you know coconuts can go rancid? Well, we sure didn’t. According to Google, if you are drinking from a coconut, and the water inside is carbonated, that means the coconut may be too mature and have been sitting around for too long. Think of it as fermentation. That’s what happened to us when we purchased from the coconut stand beside Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck… and found out after the fact. We were fine though.

rancid coconuts coconut on beach

Stupid coconut was better off as a beach photo prop.