Onboard the Rocky Mountaineer

I was lucky enough to be invited on the amazing Rocky Mountaineer train a few months back. Since I help run and manage the guest satisfaction feedback on the train, the Rocky Mountaineer team invited my manager and I onboard to experience it first-hand. We flew to Calgary, shuttled to Banff, and started our trip from Banff. From Banff, we journeyed through the Rockies and Lake Louise, stopped at Kamloops for the night, and finally looped back to Vancouver. It was no doubt a magical ride.

I’ve been to the Rockies before but have never travelled at this level of luxury, comfort and with this amount of good food. From the moment we got on the train to the time we stepped off, our eyes and stomachs were treated to a feast. Here are just some snippets of what we got to see and eat.Rocky Mountaineer Ticket

Look at these unreal views!View of Rockies GoldLeaf glass domes 2
Alllll aboard!! The train itself was spectacular.

Rocky Mountaineer Trains GoldLeaf glass domesRocky Mountaineer Banff Rocky Mountaineer vestibleThe RM train has three distinct service classes – GoldLeaf, SilverLeaf and RedLeaf. We spent the first day of travel in GoldLeaf and the second day in SilverLeaf. Our train manager was very kind to give us a private tour of the newest GoldLeaf 2.0 cars and some behind the scenes of how they keep the guests happy. It truly is a feat to run a crew that often works more than 12 hour days for consecutive days.

Travelling in style is effortless in the GoldLeaf 2.0 cars.GoldLeaf new cars GoldLeaf Private Tour

Breakfasts and lunches in GoldLeaf are served à la carte in the dining lounge. The lounge is on the first floor of the two-story car. Food is made hot and on the spot while drinks are topped off constantly. The already stunning views are elevated even more with good food and new friends.GoldLeaf seating area

The kitchen on the train pumps out some amazing food. GoldLeaf Breakfast 2GoldLeaf BreakfastLunch is three courses, and of course, paired with many drinks.GoldLeaf lunch menuGoldLeaf LunchGoldLeaf Lunch DessertAs if lunch isn’t enough – along with a refreshing drink of your choice, delicious local cheese, dried fruits and crackers are provided mid-afternoon.afternoon snack rocky mountaineer

We spent the second day in SilverLeaf. The SilverLeaf cars are one leveled with high ceilings and large windows. It has a nice little ledge by the windows to sit on or to rest your arms and head for those pensive moments. Food is served at our seats with the chef coming out to plate our food.

SilverLeaf carsRocky Mountaineer KamloopsEveryone is well-fed on the Rocky Mountaineer.  SilverLeaf Breakfast 1 SilverLeaf Breakfast 2 SilverLeaf Lunch SilverLeaf Lunch 3 SilverLeaf Lunch 2 SilverLeaf Lunch 4

As someone who helps run the guest feedback survey, I can certainly attest to how serious Rocky Mountaineer is about their guest feedback. And from being on the train first-hand, I can now see that they make it their goal to give you that “once in a lifetime” trip experience and will take it personally if you do not have a good time. Honestly, it’s really hard not to.

I have lost count to how many generous glasses of wine was consumed over my 2-days on the train.big glass white wine