Hey there.

You won’t find fancy DSLR pictures or restaurant critiques here.

Food is so many things. It’s tangible, delicious, and different for everyone. It connects, it grounds, and it enhances us. It just makes sense to our well-being.

I believe food is a lifestyle – and I don’t mean it in the pretentious kind of way. I believe it’s meant for everybody… but differently! Not many things in life involve all the 5 senses – taste, touch, smell, sight, and yes, even hearing.

I want to promote the opposite of “mindless eating”. I want people to be more conscious of what they intake and consider beyond the immediate platter in front of them. I hope to share my continuous journey with food and maybe even empower or inspire people to be curious and make the right food choices for themselves. Drop those latest food fads and think for yourself. Let’s experiment, appreciate and discuss!



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